b'As the DOD moves forward with Tranche 2, its further exploring disaggregated and decentralized command and control with Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton in California and 5G-related telemedicine at Joint Base San Antonio in Texas, among other projects.The Air Force is also testing AT&Ts commercial networking-as-a-Service capabilities with 24,000 military personnel on Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado; Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska; and Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. The network is being tested to transform and modernize infrastructure that supports air, land and cyber operations. It falls under an OTA from the Air Force to fund its enterprise IT-as-a-Service program, which plans to use commercial networking services to deliver faster speed, enhanced security and more capabilities with near-ubiquitous wireless connectivity across the bases.These initiatives will deploy and accelerate 5G technology at scale. The U.S. military has the biggest logistics operation in the world, and 5G-enabled technologies can enhance processes across the board. Delivering the Base Defense Operations of the FutureDrones are breaching the perimeter of military installations around the world. Sometimes, base personnel may not be aware that theyve been breached by a drone until periodic maintenance inspections of the buildings reveal the intrusion.There are AT&T solutions that can detect a drone breach on the perimeter and alert the staff at the base defense operations center, so they can act immediately, Dillard says. Using its 5G network, AT&T can build an ecosystem that links base defense operation center personnel using tablets that connect to sensors around the base, along the perimeter and on building infrastructure, so 8'