b'the first high-speed, nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to public safetyFirstNet. This reliable, highly secure, interoperable, and innovative public safety communications platform will bring 21st century tools to public safety agencies and first responders. That means first responders in all 50 states, 5 territories and the District of Columbia are gaining access to the only nationwide, high-speed broadband communications platform dedicated to and purpose-built specifically for them. Two of the key public safety features of Adopting commercial FirstNet are priority and preemption. standards is critical toPriority and preemption allow firstthe DODs success on a responders to communicate withglobal scale.minimal or no interruption, essentially giving their data lights and sirens to cut through network congestion. With FirstNet, public safetys traffic is separated from non-public safety traffic via the FirstNet Core and is always prioritized over commercial traffic. This feature is automatic and always on, 24/7, with no action necessary from FirstNet users.The FirstNet model of preemption is an important step in demonstrating how AT&T can accommodate the DODs unique needs in the 5G realm. This model allows the military a view into how it can move past relying solely on itself and instead take advantage of commercial innovation and trust in private industry relationships. The same can be said for user equipment. AT&T has experience adding other spectrum bands in the global operation arena.When Spectrum Band 14 was added to the FirstNet ecosystem, 20 MHz of highly desirable spectrum in the 700 MHz, it was foundational. AT&T works with the device manufacturers and the chip manufacturers to incorporate Band 14 into the basic product line and other user equipment. 15'