b'5G IS CONSIDERED A WHOLE OF GOVERNMENT INITIATIVE AND A NATIONAL PRIORITY.Defense agencies have begun implementing this next-gen mobile technology in a series of pilot programs designed to improve mission effectiveness. In this report, industry experts share their insights on the long-term vision of 5G in the DOD, highlighting the importance of sharing spectrum and fostering long-term working relationships between government and the private sector. For the DOD, moving away from purpose-built systems and relying on commercial innovation such as 5G can ultimately lead to a unified approach for command and control. Take for example:Robotic dogs patrol and monitor the perimeter of a military installation and send an alert to the base patrols devices to inform them of a possible intrusion or breach.Advanced sensors on building infrastructure detect and alert drone breaches in real time, sending data to the base operations center.Automated flight line entry control point monitoring of land for Air Force pilots at missile bases can reduce the burden on personnel resources. From the improbable to the seemingly impossible, these are projects that are already in the works thanks to the promise, potential and power of 5G. Introduction The fifth generation of wireless networks and technologies is predicted to usher in major advances in data speed, volume and latency over current 4G and LTE networkssetting the stage for sweeping transformations across nearly every industry. 2'