b'In fact, AT&T Public Sector is already working with the Defense Department on 5G initiatives that will change how the DOD, the White House and commercial partners tackle national security.When we think about the DODs When we think about the primary mission and that it is national and global in nature, quick access toDODs primary mission.large volumes of information and dataquick access to large is imperative to conduct their mission, says Jill Singer, vice president of defensevolumes of informationand national security for AT&T Publicand data is imperative.Sector and FirstNet.Traditionally, in order to access the large amounts of data needed to gain advantage, warfighters and agents for the DOD have had to be tethered to a machine that can house that data. 5G becomes a game changer for them, says Singer.Having untethered access to data, information, applications, cloud and other capabilities, with the necessary security and speed of access, is just one of several ways 5G is changing the future of the DOD. The 5G collaboration between AT&T and the DOD has already begun as AT&T expands 5G capabilities and access across the nation. As of March 2021, AT&Ts 5G network covers 230 million Americans in 14,000 cities and towns, and 5G+ is available in parts of 38 U.S. cities.Industries from health care to business, gaming and entertainment are already benefiting from AT&T 5G connectivity. FirstNet, the nationwide high-speed wireless broadband network built by AT&T and dedicated to public safety, will be upgraded to allow first responders to access reliable, secure 5Gcurrently, first responders in Houston are experiencing the early benefits of 5G+ on FirstNet.3'