b'Adopting commercial standards and technical specifications is also critically important. The more commercial standards that are adopted throughout DOD use cases and solutions, the better the private sector can work with the DOD to run interoperability, resiliency and operations.I think the technology discussion can often blur the operations discussion, which is why its important to focus on actually delivering data and content dynamically to multiple sources and multiple locations, Spencer says. AT&T has artificial intelligence built into its delivery platforms to do that, and if the commercial standards are extended into the DOD enterprise, then AT&T can help the DOD provide that same level of robustness and reliability within its own infrastructure. Adopting commercial standards is critical to the DODs success on a global scale, Spencer adds. Here, global scale is key. AT&T has roaming agreements for voice and data in more than 225 countries, and its consumer customers can roam in all of those countries with different spectrum regulations and compliance. Our spectrum relationships and roaming agreements can be an invaluable resource to the DOD, especially as they scale for the future, Spencer says. Trust in this relationship is also critical, For example, the Air Force will play a key role in piloting solutions for sharing DOD-owned spectrum between operators in the private sector and the federal government.In the solicitation issued in 2019, the DOD announced it was looking at hardware, software and systems that would allow for spectrum sharing 13'