b'networks are already concentrated. The 5G solutions using the high-band are known as millimeter-wave, or mmWave, and could be even more game changing. Those high-band solutions can process significantly larger volumes of data and can communicate and transmit at extremely high speeds. AT&T is well-positioned to lead 5G initiatives and partner with the DOD, adds Lance Spencer, client executive vice president for Defense at AT&T Public Sector. There are so many aspects of 5G in which AT&T has taken a leadership positionthrough invention, launch or charter.Bringing AT&Ts massive investmentmore than $105 billion in the U.S. including capital investment and acquisitions of spectrum and wireless operations between 2016 and 2020will be critical for the DOD.Thats because it will take a village to bring 5G capabilities to fruition, especially in an operational capacity. The relationship between the DOD and AT&T will be even more critical as we learn how to develop the right business model and standard operating procedures to deploy 5G on a battlefield, Dillard says. And the DOD isnt going in alone. It has launched a number of pilots and prototype initiatives with AT&T and others that will help to vet and inform the technology before full deployment, so that 5G can be used to its fullest capability.In addition to the $600 million for five 5G testbeds at U.S. military sites that the DOD had previously announced, the Department announced a second tranche of awards at seven more test sites this year. This is part of the DODs 5G to Next-G Initiative, just one project AT&T is involved in through the Office of the Secretary of Defense. The other is Spectrum Forward Other Transaction Authority, for the development, adoption and deployment of next-generation technologies, including 6'