b'You want to hire people, have them move into the intelligence community and then tell them they cant use their phone. They dont understand that, she said. NGA has been very proactive in looking at the capabilities that could support them in their new campus, going from unsecured to secure all the time.AT&T has been working with NGA for years, and Floyd said theyre looking at how 5G and Wi-Fi technologies can work within the agency.Ellen FloydBut its the workforce, too, thats going to drive this, especially younger people, she said. They do not want to be without their devices. 5G will further enable the NGA to enhance their mission support to non-IC agencies such as the Department of Transportation, Coast Guard and U.S. Forestry Service. With faster speeds, agents can download high-resolution GEOINT imagery onto a handheld device in a timely manner, which can help government agencies manage natural disasters and other events.Bringing IoT into the ICIoT embodies devices embedded with sensors, software and other technologies that connect and exchange data with other devices or systems over the Internet. 5G enhances IoT, and AT&T is currently developing and testing its next-generation core (standalone 5G) to allowoptimally support the short bursts of data being transmitted. cloud-native network function and network slicing. Slicing refers to dedicating parts of a network for different activities, including mobile andBut those frequent, short data transmissions become more and more IoT. Network slicing can also allow the IC to prioritize traffic for certainsignificant as IoT devices evolve, Singer said. connected devices and keep it private.Its the realization of all the public reporting on the massive deployment Youre able to deploy a lot more devices with 5G in a given area than youof IoT devices, she said. Even if theyre short bursting, billions of those can with the lower Gs, Durand said.could be a significant drain on a network, if they are constantly bursting all the time.Considering the types of IoT devices evolving to include things like doorbells, temperature control systems and fleet management solutions,Also, there will be increasing complexity of what is considered an IoT its going to become more important than ever that a network candevice, especially as 5G becomes more omnipresent.8 9'