b'consideration of how 5G will be used by adversaries around the globe. According to Olson, the nature of the ICs work leads to a slower adoption of 5G, as their network requirements and applications evolve.This is going to be pocketed to where they drive stuff out into the Knute Olson unclassified world, he said. Still, experts say the way to 5G for the IC is via controlled pilots for specific use cases in the unclassified environment. We probably cant stress enough the idea of controlled pilots, Singer said. Its important for customers to get in there, get their hands dirty and experiment with use cases to gain experience without subjecting them to any unnecessary risk.Intelligence agencies can carve out areas of buildings, declare them unclassified and set barriers for exploiting the power of 5G. Then, scale MDpart of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Thefrom there. NIST project is working on real-world tests with a group of equipment and software vendors, mobile operators and security service providers. ItAT&T looks forward to working with the IC on how best to utilize 5G for plans to demonstrate and document the increased security than can beits mission, infrastructure and enterprise needs, and they understand the achieved in 5G networks. late majority technology adoption curve that lies ahead, the experts said.5G for the IC is a Double-Edged Sword This is going to be a leap for our government customers in technology, Experts say the IC will have to take the crawl-walk-run approach whenDurand said. We need to work together to help them deploy the adopting 5G.technology within their environment to solve mission challengesbut at a pace comfortable for them.5G for the IC is a double-edged sword, Durand said. Theres a lot of interest across the customer base, to leverage the technology in supportUltimately, the IC realizes that 5G will be adopted at a global scale. of the enterprise and the global mission. But policies must evolve to permit broader use. Its going to be a game changer, Olson said. Weve got to figure out how to implement 5G in a controlled, secure and comfortable way so that the With increased connectivity comes additional threats, and theIC feels confident in the direction.14 15'