b'roundtable. It really is an impressive connection.THE FIFTH GENERATIONof mobile wireless networks, or 5G, is expectedThe 5G architecture emphasizes disaggregation and virtualization; many to jumpstart the next wave of unforeseen innovation and eventuallycomponents run as software on computer machinery in a highly secure, offer transformational capabilities to the intelligence community.distributed cloud environment. Consider the following three hypothetical scenarios, all of which would be challenging or even impossible today but may soon be commonplaceWith that, were able to deliver many [5G] could change the once 5G is fully deployed. new capabilities, Velardo added.entire way the IC responds, Field officers in unfamiliar territory are equipped with wearableAT&T offers 5G over sub-6 spectrumretrieves and delivers data-devices that can scan wide-ranging environmental and manned/ nationwide and its ultrafast 5G over unmanned enemy threats, while creating and relaying massivemmWave spectrum, called 5G+, indriven actionable insights imagery for real-time complex intelligence insights. The deviceslimited parts of 38 cities in the U.S asback to the main agencies.are capable of synthesizing classified/unclassified information forof February 2021. Moreover, the global advanced indicators and warnings. communications leader exceeded its commitment to offer 5G-capable devices in 2020, as it deploys new Covert drones capture high-resolution imagery in hostile locations,towers and radios to further distribute 5G across the country. process instantaneous threat assessments and communicate with end users, providing immediate situational awareness withThe company is also building out edge computing nodes to enhance intelligence response actions. computing speed and performance for users, while working globally to help ensure the ability of customers to exchange traffic in a 5G Trainees step into real-world simulated environments, armed withenvironment. These efforts eventually mean broader coverage areas augmented and virtual reality technology that combines real-timeand higher performance for missions on the go, which could be geospatial, signals and open source intelligence with ground-basedtransformative for the IC as it tackles data processing in the field. awareness for immersive scenario training.That could change the entire way the IC responds, retrieves and delivers These are some of the possible future use cases for the significant powerdata-driven actionable insights back to the main agencies, said Knute of 5G, a service AT&T has made available nationwide. Compared with itsOlson, assistant vice president at AT&T Public Sector. 4G predecessor, 5G provides the lower latency, high-bandwidth and speed that make it possible to connect and compute faster than ever.We believe there are a lot of inherent advantages to 5G that can be leveraged by the IC: improved speed, reduced latency and enhanced Its the latest and best G in mobility to connect people to people,security, said Jill Singer, vice president of national security and defense things to things, people to things, and things to people, Pat Velardo,for AT&T Public Sector. You can get better remote access to the program manager at AT&T Public Sector, said in a recent executiveapplications, the data and the systems.2 3'