b'whole new world for unclassified IC work. work from a nonfixed location, she said. We think the eventual security benefits of 5G and the price point that it offers is a very productive path Low latency is great for my customers using tons of imagery. Theyreforward for the IC.able to analyze the data faster and support the mission faster, said Ellen Floyd, assistant vice president at AT&T Public Sector. Instead of only having a Wi-Fi internet connection through ones house, 5G can allow IC users working from home to set up a controlled network Computing at the edge helps provide remote members of the ICspace, which takes advantage of cellular and can be monitored down to with wireline-like access, in terms of speed, latency and performance.the connected device. Combined with increased security, this can increasingly enable revolutionary mission and enterprise innovations without being tetheredUsing 5G independently or in to a building or fixed network, Singer said. And for the ICs unclassifiedconjunction with WIFI version 6, the The eventual security network, it starts with better capacity from mobile devices or fromnext-generation Wi-Fi technology, can disconnected untethered devices.support a variety of use cases, suchbenefits of 5G and the price as providing geo-fenced coverage for It is essentially what a fixed high-speed network does for a mobile devicesecure connectivity within IC campusespoint that it offers is a very or a disconnected device, she added.and facilities, said Richard Durand,productive path forward assistant vice president at AT&T Public If an IC officer is responsible for warehousing, facilities or logisticsSector. When the connection betweenfor the IC.security, mobile 5G can connect and transmit data from wireless Internetthe device and the 5G tower or access of Things sensors. This ability and power to process locally at the edge,point is more secure, users feel more rather than transferring data to a remote site to process, evolves intoconfident in using wireless endpoint technologies and capabilities that closed-loop automation-type situations, in which IT devices can react tosupport the IC missions.the data theyre collecting.Combining 5G and local compute capabilities can enable a reliable As the world has learned from the coronavirus pandemic, the needlocation-based approach to mobile device management, in which policies for connectivity, fortified networks and advanced technologies hascan be implemented on the devices based on zones, which can be widely never been greater. For the IC, this new era means addressing somebeneficial to the IC. unforeseen consequences: The growing remote workforce of those who would normally be toiling away in the classified space has led to lowerNGA: Searching for Ubiquitous Communicationproductivity. The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency has invested in its new campus in north St. Louis, Missouri, which broke ground in November But 5G could help fix that, Singer said.2019. With the site still under construction, NGA wants to ensure it has top notch communication as it works to attract a younger, more connected The IC has really determined that they need a way to do unclassifiedgenerational workforce, Floyd said.6 7'