b'have to do it together. Thats why CISA is looking to further share and fuse cyber threatintelligence across all our partners and deepen our operational collaboration with the private sector to help everyone better understand and manage the risks that theyrefacing. We need the private sector to continue to share information with us so we can use it to protect everybody else.We use that information in a way that protects the identity of our victims while helping protect future targets from compromising. Its the essence of the collective defense that no attack should be able to happen more than once.I believe that we are at And finally, we need to invest in thea tipping point and the nations cybersecurity. We need to do better than security as an after- time is now to take full thought. All of us,government and industry alike,action for the healthof need to ensure that were including security as a consideration in theour long-term national initial development of these newnetworks and systems andsecurity in cyberspace. throughout their life cycle. I believe that we are at a tipping point and- Brian Gattonithe time is now to take full action for the healthof our long-term national security in cyberspace. Sean Connelly: Were seeing advancements from adversaries and what they may use for zero day exploits. Weve seen the ramifications of a severe supply chain attack. So now we have to recognize that the adversary is persistent and we have to advance our cybersecurity to keep up with those challenges. State Department Official: I feel like with everything thats been going on, people are really now finally starting to take security seriously. Now when the security folks are at the table to have these discussions about the next technology, what were buying, or what we need to do, people are listening. I think all of us want to do a good job and all of us want our users to be able to do their work, but theres always that trade-off . Theres inconvenience and security or convenience and no security. That line is always moving, and werealways adjusting it based on threat. State Department Official: Conceptually [the TMF] is a great idea, but the bottomline is you have to pay it back. So, until the terms and conditions are very clearly laidout for us from a federal standpoint, Im avoiding it Even if you give me money andI do something neat with it, theres a tail, and that tail needs to be managed andaccounted for. Government Business Council Securing the Nations Network|Page 9'