b'WWhat are other critical challenges to Network Security that your agencyis facing? What are the lessons learned from network security planningin todays environment? Steven Hernandez: I think its this idea of the culture shift that comes with it, and frankly how positive that culture shift can be. I think this is important for not just networksecurity but security at large. I think that we sell ourselves short when we dont think about how security can actually improve and advance that user experience. When you get to zero trust, the user experience can become absolutely phenomenal because it gets tailored for how the user is interacting. So its a great story to tell and I hope that more folks are in the spirit to tell that story and talk about how we can get an incredible user experience if were willing to drive forward towards these new technologies. Rob Leahy: What were finding is a culture shift has to take place. Before weve had a very open guest network. At [Goddard Space Flight Center] especially, we work with a lot ofcollaborators in the science community around the world, and were changing the culture from everything is open to weve got to secure our network because we dont know where this person is coming from, what devices theyre using, et cetera. So making that culture shift with our stakeholders and getting them to A) understand, B) buy-in, and C) apply with what were doing is an interesting challenge. We have a lot of really smart people, literally rocket scientists, but we have to evolve the culture to share data, but in a safe and secure way. Davon Tyler: In general, keeping technology up to pace with the threat landscapebecause its constantly changing. I think the other thing that we all experience in the cyber field is constantly trying to hire the most critical people and then keeping them around. One key lesson learned is really taking that NIST framework, and understanding where you are today, understanding your gaps, and then creating a plan to fill inthose gaps. Brian Gattoni: This has been a unique past year. If its taught us anything its that the threat landscape is only going to continue to evolve and get more complex. So even ifwe think we know what the threat level is, we have to begin preparing today and weTheres not a single right answer, and were going to have to figure out what will work, and its going to be evolutionary when we find it.Rob LeahyGovernment Business Council Securing the Nations Network|Page 8'