b'I If your agency doesnt already encrypt data at rest and in flight, howdoes it plan to meet these requirements? Steven Hernandez: The good news is we do. But that brings up another great question and observation as we move towards the networks of tomorrow and what they could look like. The challenge now is detecting whats happening in the network now that the vast majority of all the traffic is encrypted. This is where we start looking at additional technologies like SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response). I think that if we rush too fast, encrypt everything now, its the right side to err on, but we cant forget that there will be times where well need to understand how to then work with that encrypted traffic. Also, we mentioned encryption but were all moving to IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) and thats majorre-architecting for most of us as well. IPv6 brings a lot of very cool native encryptioncapabilities with it. Most organizations need to be thinking about that in parallel with how theyre thinking about encryption. Mike Witt: Were kind of lucky at NASA, this was already in our existing policies, that werequire encrypting data at rest, as well as within transit. Davon Tyler: The great news is that, like a lot of other federal agencies, we already encrypt data at rest and in flight. Were looking at other capabilities to see how we can enhance those capabilities for encrypting data at rest, but we do a lot of that today. So it wasnt a surprise when we saw it in the [executive] order. Rob Leahy: The answer is yes, but not at 100%. Were working towards fixing those areas where we have not been able to encrypt. Were dealing with some missions that have been around for many years, even decades. Before encryption was even a concept. So being able to deal with spacecraft that have multi decade old hardware and software on board and[understanding] how to interface that with ground systems and encrypt is a very difficult problem to solve.With the explosion of connected devices and IoT, the attack surface is also rapidly expanding and will drastically increase threat vectors.Matt ThibaultGovernment Business Council Securing the Nations Network|Page 6'