b'order I dont think theres going to be any problem with demand there. In fact, I think that the biggest problem will be deciding whos going to get the initial pot of money out of it I think were going to see some incredible leaps forward based on the TMF funding. I think its going to be a force multiplier for agencies to rapidly shoot ahead. Mike Witt: Like many other agencies, Im excited about the opportunities that the TMF could bring this year. We have submitted at least one project thus far. Not so much dedicated to cybersecurity, however, cybersecurity is already very well integrated as a part of it This has been an exciting yearI think were going to for TMF, unlike the previous years. Davon Tyler: [The US] Mint is 100% non-appropriated, sosee some incredible we dont receive any funds from [the TMF]. We actually do the opposite. We of course make money and then weleaps forward based on actually give money up so that Congress can fund otherthe TMF funding. I think agencies and their initiatives. But at [the US] MInt, we do prioritize network security Cybersecurity has notits going to be a force been a problem, at least with leadership supporting those initiatives and helping me to roll out those capabilities atmultiplier for agencies the US Mint. State Department Official: Conceptually [the TMF] is ato rapidly shoot ahead. great idea, but the bottom line is you have to pay it back. So, until the terms and conditions are very clearly laid out- Steven Hernandezfor us from a federal standpoint, Im avoiding it Even if you give me money and I do something neat with it, theres a tail, and that tail needs to be managed and accounted for. Rob Leahy: We actually have a proposal into the TMF right now to expand our cloudservices Network security will come along as we move more into the cloud. It gives us the ability to use more common controlsIve got 80 plus projects that have their own mission operation center. If I can move those to a cloud setting, they can all begin to take advantage of common controls, especially on the network side because theyre all traversing the same Government Business Council Securing the Nations Network|Page 9'