b'HHow can the Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) help your agencybolster your Network Security initiatives?Sean Connelly: The momentum behind the TMF in the last few months has beenincredible Over a hundred proposals have been received by now. So, agencies understand the importance of being supported on their critical missions with the TMF funds. TMF in general, focuses on modernizing those critical systems, improving cyber security, and other aspects of advancing public facing websites. I think those areas are where were seeing the majority of the TMF proposals come in. Again, I think its a great opportunity for agencies to be able to modernize their environments in different ways than they had before. Brian Gattoni: Smart IT investments are integral to the federal governments mission. The TMF aims to ensure agile IT modernization becomes the norm across the federal government. The fund released a new set of guidelines a few months ago to prioritize projects that address immediate security gaps and improve the publics ability to access government services. The new guidelines also ensure that the TMF provides additional means for agencies to A) deliver services to the American public faster, B) to better secure sensitive systems and data, and C) to use taxpayer dollars more efficiently. The fund is specifically dedicated to prioritizing funding requests in a number of areas. For example, the fund is focused on modernizing high priority systems The TMF is also focused on projects that prioritize cybersecurity. Thisincludes projects that address gaps uncovered in the recent supply chain compromiseincident. This fund also prioritizes projects that include identity credential and accessmanagement (ICAM) solutions, as well as projects that support agency adoption of zero trust architecture concepts The TMF board is also focused on projects that are collaborative across government and offer scalable solutions We are encouraging all agencies tosubmit their project proposals if the vision, mission, and use of the TMF advances their own it monitorization and cybersecurity efforts. We think its an amazing resource for folks to start tapping into. Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) The purpose of the TMF is to fund projects for technology-related activities to improve information technology, and to enhance cybersecurity across the Federal Government. 3Steven Hernandez: It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity for some of thesedepartments and agencies. Theres a billion dollars out there. Just an incredible vote ofconfidence from both [Capitol] Hill and the administration saying - We trust you all toadvance security and modernize your systems, heres a big shot. Go after it. The response has been absolutely incredible. Ive not spoken to a single department or agency that hasnt put something forward. In many cases whats being put forward are either legacy systems Were also seeing a lot of requests that are fully focused on security, in alignment with the executive3 https://tmf.cio.gov/arp/Government Business Council Securing the Nations Network|Page 8'