b'establishment of a cyber review board. This [review board] is going to allow us to reviewactions related to federal government cyber security incidents and providerecommendations for improving cybersecurity incident response practices. Thecybersecurity landscape is constantly changing and the pillars of the executive order lay out that bold approach for the urgent evolution needed to move our nations cybersecurityforward. It will catalyze our progress in moving the buzzwords like zero trust architectures and secure cloud environments into baseline security standards. Sean Connelly: Theres a very heavy zero trust tone in the executive order itself. Agencies are focused on redesigning their network architectures, working with their different solution providers on how to migrate to the zero trust mindset. At the same time, were looking at who will be those highThe cybersecuritylevel champions inside the agency to promote zero trust. Another aspect of the executive order thats landscape is constantly encouraging is the sustained commitment to investing over time. Moving towards zero trust is not going to bechanging and the pillars a short term endeavor, its going to take years for most of the government to move forward on that. Having thatof the executive order executive order is critical, because quite simply we know that perimeter security no longer works.lay out that boldState Department Official: Fortunately for us, given theapproach for the urgent State Departments significant mission, I think were ahead in some areas We are completely encrypted at rest andevolution needed to in transit. We have a very good communications networkmove our nationswithin the department and we have a great dissemination mechanism Theres not a whole lot of debate on thosecybersecurity forward. kinds of issues. The real question is, how do we get there?A lot of times that involves an actual expenditure of resourcesbut my philosophy on security is its a - Brian Gattoninecessary expense. Rob Leahy: At the agency level under the Chief Information Security Officer we have aworking group thats been established agency-wide to address all the facets of the executive order, and there are many facets of that At [Goddard Space Flight Center] specifically, were using [the executive order] as a basis for the customer organizations that have their own IT infrastructure and using the order as part of the lever to make improvements, whether its moving to cloud services, moving towards zero trust, et cetera. When you have thepresidential executive order behind you, that gives you a little more ability to say Yes, we need to do this and that gives us a greater level of urgency working with our customers.Government Business Council Securing the Nations Network|Page 6'