b'IT MODERNIZATION IN THE ICHow receptive are the IC agencies in adopting newer technologies?As a whole, the IC agencies are extremely open to new technologies. The people within the IC community are smart, capable, adaptive and forward-looking. They want the best tools and technologies to help them meet mission. Across the IC, we see robust use of We are seeing a shift commercial cyber-defense capabilities. We are also seeing a shift from government- from government-owned, government-operated networks, toward more managed-services networks.owned, government-That demonstrates their opennessoperated networks, to bringing in partners: The IC agency still retains ownership, but they aretoward more managed-working with commercial providers onservices networks.the engineering, implementation and operation of those networks.How can the IC begin to pivot toward these modernized solutions?In the near term, 5G is going to be a real game-changer, as IC agencies begin to explore its application toward specific mission goals.Technology modernization calls for a bit of the classic think big, start small approach. IC agencies can evaluate emerging technologies and conduct test pilots. Implementing 5G in an unclassified environment gives the IC a chance to understand how these technologies can enhance operations, so they can assess the utility of those technologies to meet their needs.In Part II, well continue to explore the implementation path for IC agencies looking to improve their technology posture.7'