b'In the Intelligence Community, a fast-changing global security landscape is creating unprecedented operational pressures. The IC is tasked with tracking near-peer threats worldwide, while also addressing rising cybersecurity concerns. All this is driving a need for technology upgrades in general and for network modernization in particular.Jill Singer, vice president of national security and defense for AT&T Public Sector, describes in part I of the IT Modernization in the IC series, how technological enhancements can help the IC to meet mission more effectively, while also ensuring a higher level of cyber protection.What are some of the ICs most pressing challenges?They have a global mission to collect, process, analyze and disseminate information to the top government leaders. And the list of threats that the IC tracks is ever-growing, whether its China, Russia, Iran, the pandemic, climate change, drugs, organized crime, terrorism, and more. To respond to all of the threats and the requirements, the IC needs to have advanced IT resources to process and digest such data. Given the vast volume of data, the IC is adopting technologies that can modernize and transform collection analytic capabilities. By doing so, it can maintain its advanced strategic awareness of emerging threats and address the tactical issues of the day.2'