b'5G IN THE DoDArmy troops who suit up for basic training with high-tech goggles simulating the arduous conditions they will face on the battlefield. implementing real-world 5G projects, including a plan for whats known as dynamic spectrum sharing. The first set of awards for rapid prototypes of 5G solutions Sophisticated systems that wirelessly connect withunder a solicitation issued last year is expected in 2020. Navy ships for rapid data downloads and link up to fighter jets that can predict maintenance trouble spots. Senior military leaders are talking about this, says Lance Spencer, client executive vice president for the AT&T Public Sector Air Force & Space Force division. The interest has gone from zero to a thousand in the last year. Smart warehouses powered by advanced sensors tracking the movementsof every package of bullets, beans and bandages to make sure the militaryAs the world reels from the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, the urgency for has the right stuffliterallyin the right place at the right time. cutting-edge advanced technologies that support military readiness has never been greater. DoD, which has seen its own operations impacted by the virus, has played a key role in the governments response, investing millions of dollars in the production of masks, ventilators and other medical equipment, and augmenting some From the improbable to the seemingly impossible, these are all examples ofbeleaguered local health care systems faced with a surge in COVID-19 patients.projects already in the works, under development or on the table, thanks to the promise, potential and power of 5G.The future, with its share of opportunities and uncertainties, has arrived and DoD needs every tool for cutting-edge communications systems at its disposal.The oncoming fifth generation of wireless networks and technologies is predicted to usher in major advances in data speed, volume and latency compared to current 4G and LTE networkssetting the stage for sweeping transformations acrossDoD: A World of Ubiquitous Connectivitynearly every industry.Experts say 5G will be the great force multiplier. We believe 5G is going to jump-start the next wave of unforeseen innovation, says5G technology offers the capacity to carry a massive number of connections Jill Singer, vice president of national security and defense for AT&T Public Sector. Itsimultaneously, Singer says. Were moving into an era of hyperconnectivity like we is going to be a quantum leap in technology. havent experienced before.And it couldnt come at a more importantand challengingtime for the DefenseCurrent 4G LTE technology supports thousands of connections per square mile. Department, the federal government and the world. But 5G technology will eventually offer the ability to support millions. The year 2020 was already on track to be a breakout one for 5G, both in theNow, were beginning to enter a world of ubiquitous connectivity, Singer says. commercial market as well as DoD. Meanwhile, thanks to eventual super-low latency and lightning-fast speeds, The global communications leader AT&T has mobile millimeter wave 5G+ in partsgreat technological leapssuch as the internet of everything, edge intelligence, of 35 cities, with 5G over sub-6 spectrum now live in 190 markets . augmented reality, fully autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligencesuddenly become more and more feasible.Last fall, DoD gave the first glimpse into its near-term 5G plans, selecting four military bases that would serve as testbeds for experimenting with andRight now, 5G capacity is being built to leverage two specific areas of the nations 2 3'