b'5G IN THE DoDThere is an opportunity for 5G tofuture-forward networking capabilities powered by 5G. Its a real-time blueprint supercharge one of the Air Forces mostfor the military base of the future. AT&T expects to light up 5G service on the strategic initiatives, which is multi-domainbase in 2020. command and control, Singer says. Beyond the grand vision of anShared Spectrum: Innovation and Understanding everything-connected world, the AirSeparately, the Air Force will play a key role in piloting solutions for sharing Force has also been taking steps tospectrum between the federal governmentwhich owns and parcels out enable the 5G reality on the ground.spectrum under licensesand the private sector. The Air Force is implementing 5GIn the solicitation issued last year, DoD announced it was looking at hardware, capability at many locations. AT&T issoftware and systems that would allow for spectrum sharing between some of DoDs actively building out 5G infrastructure atairborne radar systems and 5G cellular systems in the same bands of spectrum. several of them, including Nevadas Nellis Lance Spencer Air Force Base, a hub of experimentationDetails of the plan, provided in a notice to industry, indicated the Air Force would and operational development. construct and operate a localized, full-scale 5G mobile cellular network to evaluate the impact of spectrum sharing on both DoD radar systems and vice versa at Hill The next big step is an overhauledAir Force Base, Utah. 21st-century smart base, with 5G fully integrated into the infrastructure fromAT&T has deep knowledge of spectrum I think innovation and the beginning. Such a base is being builtsharing. Under the $100 billion FirstNet right now.contract, the company is constructing theunderstanding are really nations first purpose-built, public safety In October 2018, Hurricane Michael pounded the Florida panhandle, causingnetwork for first responders and theimportant. The military is a quarter of a trillion dollars in damage, destroying homes and ravagingpublic safety community. On the FirstNetused to doing their own thing, communities. It also leveled Tyndall Air Force Base.network, first responders across jurisdictions nationwide are given priority access tobut this is really an area where The Air Force is rebuilding the base in a massive operation called Project Phoenix,network resources. and AT&T has been tasked with managing enterprise information technologywe have to collaborate.capabilities at the base. In that role, the company is taking the opportunity to buildI think innovation and understanding are 5G capability into the bases IT infrastructure.really important. The military is used toLANCE SPENCER // CLIENT EXECUTIVE AVP // AT&T PUBLIC SECTORAIR FORCE & SPACE FORCE doing their own thing, but this is really At Tyndall, you dont have to retrofit, says Spencer, the head AT&T Public Sectorsan area where we have to collaborate, Air Force & Space Force group. They have a clean slate. So, you can incorporatesays Spencer, who retired as an Air Force colonel with specializations in both advanced technologies into the infrastructure as its being built. cyberspace and space operations before coming to AT&T. That provides a unique opportunity, what Spencer calls a sandbox for developingThe FirstNet model of priority and preemption is an important step in 12 13'