FY2020 Discretionary budget authority
(billions of dollars)
Departments 2019 Estimate 2020 Request
Percent Change
Agriculture 2 $24.4 $20.8
Commerce 1 $12.3 $12.3
Defense 3 $685 $718.3
Education $70.5 $62
Energy $35.5 $31.7
Health & Human Services 4,5 $101.7 $89.6
Homeland Security $48.1 $51.7
Housing & Urban Development (Excluding Receipts) $52.7 $44.1
Interior $14.0 $12.5
Justice $29.9 $29.2
Labor $12.1 10.9
State and Other International Programs 2,6 $55.8 $42.8
Transportation $27.3 $21.4
Treasury 7 $12.9 $13.1
Veterans Affairs $86.6 $93.1
Major Agencies 2019 Estimate 2020 Request
Percent Change
Corps of Engineers $7 $4.8
Environmental Protection Agency $8.8 $6.1
NASA $20.7 $21
Small Business Administration $0.7 $0.7
Social Security Administration $10.5 $10.1
1At the time the 2020 Budget was prepared, 2019 appropriations remained incomplete. The 2019 column reflects at the account level enacted full-year appropriations provided for agencies funded in Public Law 115–244 and in divisions A and B of Public Law 115–245. For all other agencies, the 2019 column reflects annualized continuing appropriations provided under the Continuing Appropriations Act, 2019 (division C of Public Law 115–245, as amended). Any changes in mandatory programs (CHIMPs) enacted in full-year bills have been rebased as mandatory while any CHIMPs continuing under the 2019 continuing resolution are included in the 2019 column. The 2019 levels are further adjusted to illustratively reflect an alternative level in 2019 for the 2020 Decennial Census. An allowance is also included to reflect the current law caps for 2019 for defense and NDD.
2Funding for Food for Peace Title II Grants is included in the State and Other International Programs total. Although the funds are appropriated to the Department of Agriculture, the funds are administered by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).
3The Department of Defense funding level in this presentation includes $9.2 billion requested as an emergency requirement to address border security and hurricane recovery.
4Funding from the Hospital Insurance and Supplementary Medical Insurance trust funds for administrative expenses incurred by the SSA that support the Medicare program are included in the HHS total and not in the SSA total.
5The total for HHS includes amounts authorized under the 21st Century Cures Act, which permitted funds to be appropriated each year for certain activities and not counted toward the discretionary caps so long as the appropriations were specifically provided for the authorized purposes.
6The State and International Programs total includes funding for the Department of State, USAID, Treasury International, and 12 international agencies.
7The total for the Department of the Treasury includes $0.4 billion for a new cap adjustment related to program integrity in the Internal Revenue Service. See the Budget Process chapter of the Analytical Perspectives volume of the Budget for more information on this adjustment.

Source: Office of Management and Budget